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i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades. . we begin with breaking news from us austin, texas. a university of texas campus was evacuated this morning after a bomb threat. annual alert was issued on the school's website telling
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everyone to immediately evacuate all buildings and get as far away as possible. a spokeswoman with the university of texas says that the school received a call around 8:35 from a man claiming with al qaeda. the man said that he had placed bombs all over the campus that would go off in 90 minutes. all buildings were cleared by 9:50. no bombs have been found. north dakota state university also ordered everyone off its campus within half an hour after receiving a bomb threat just before 10:00 a.m. it is not known if the two incidents are related. hello. i'm jc hayward. thanks for being with us today. protest is spreading throughout the muslim world. there's more reaction to an american made movie that ridicules the religion and the prophet muhammad. danielle nottingham is at the state department where officials are keeping a close watch. >> reporter: protesters hurmed rocks at -- hurled rocks at
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police. egyptian security forces drove them back with tear gas and built a giant concrete wall to block the route. protests over an american made film mocking islam continued to spread through the muslim world. in yemen, security forces fired warning shots and blasted the crowd with water. thousands marched in iraq and indonesia and through the streets of gaza. in egypt violence has flared for days but authorities are promising to protect diplomatic facilities, especially after the attack on the american consulate in libya that killed the u.s. ambassador and three staff members. the remains of those four americans will arrive back on american soil this afternoon. secretary of state hillary clinton heads to andrews air force base to receive them. the loss of am ambassador chris stevens has been a very personal blow to clinton. it was her decision to station
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him in libya. >> i sent chris to benghazi during the revolution to show support. he was able to -- he will be able to advise our government about what to do for freedom and democracy for the people of libya. >> reporter: investigators are in ben benghazi. wrongfully convicted in a murder for hire plot justin wolfe was hoping to walk out of a jail today after serving 11 years in console taker confine -- console taker confinement. a judge overturned the sentence after he discovered the prosecution allowed false testimony at trial. we're going live to peggy fox in manassas with more information. peggy? >> report: jc, there was huge disappointment and many tears
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today in the courtroom after judge mary grace o'brien denied a request for justin wolfe's release. the courtroom wasn't even big enough for all the people who came to support justin wolfe, people who believe he's innocent and spent 11 years on death row for no reason. he was convicted of murder for hire back in 2001 for the shooting death of daniel petrole. both wolfe and petrole war marijuana dealers. the person who shot and killed petrole was owen barber. barber testified that justin wolfe hired him to kill daniel petrole. but since then owen barber has recanted that testimony and even told a federal judge that the only reason he said wolfest hired him to do it was to avoid the death penalty himself. that evidence convinced the judge along with other evidence that he found that prosecutors
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withheld information and evidence that would have helped wolfe. the judge threw out the conviction and the death sentence. the case went to a federal appeals court which found the same. so now we're back here in prince william county court where the defense had a motion to set justin wolfe -- release him on bond. the commonwealth's attorney who has the case argued that he should not be set free. he said he might be a flight risk and that he had been a drug kingpin and there was no reason to release him, that the federal court hearings were federal and were separate and that now we're in the commonwealth. the judge deciding against the defense. it was a crushing blow for justin wolfst de es -- for justin wolfe's family today. >> i find it shocking. would you think with all of the evidence, judge jackson did a thorough investigation of this case as did judge king in the 4th circuit.
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a panel of three judges. there's been numerous judges, high ranking officials wrote an amicus brief who also looked at this case and found it to be an egregious error and yet that was still not -- did not bring my son home. >> reporter: the defense inargued that justin wolfe is a changed man and he went through the most intensive program ever sitting on death row for 11 years for a crime he didn't commit, watching friends that he made go to their deaths. but the judge didn't go that waysiding with the prosecution. we'll be back here next month. that's when a new trial of justin wolfe is set. i'm peg gi fox reporting -- peggy fox reporting live. back to you. >> thank you. a judge sentenced an alexandria man to 30 years in prison for plotting a suicide bomb attack on the u.s.
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capitol. the 29-year-old al came leaf if i pleaded guilty in court. the sentence was the highest allowed under a plea deal. today maryland public service commission will conclude its hearing into the summer's derecho storm. after traveling around the state last month to hear from utility customers, psc members are asking pepco and other power companies how they can avoid week long outages after major storms. yesterday bg officials said in order to restore power within 24 hours, the power system would have to be redesigned. it's been three weeks since the 17-year-old honor student in prince george's county was murdered in her home. today kristin fisher reports that police are hoping the public can help them in order to solve this case. >> we're trying to gather as much information as we can to try and help solve the case. >> reporter: prince george's county police have devoted an
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entire homicide squad to the case of amber stanley. the 17-year-old honor student was shot and killed in her own bedroom back in august. but three weeks in, they still have no suspects and no motive. >> no real harpd evidence at this point -- >> reporter: no real hard evidence at this point? >> not at this point. that's why we're out here meeting with our community. >> reporter: anyone who walks out of this starbucks is getting a copy of these flyers. it has details of the crime, amber's picture and at the top it says if you have information about this crime at leads to an arrest, there's a $25,000 cash reward. do you think this will help? >> yes. a police presence everywhere, it always helps. >> i think it's good to have the police in the community getting everyone involved. >> there's someone who knows aim he sure that someone has told someone. so perhaps this will help someone confess. >> reporter: police will spend four hours today talking to people, handing out flyers, anything that might bring them one step closer to amber's killer. >> if you know anything, if you
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know someone who says they know anything about the murder of amber stanley, please come forward. we need the help of our residents, our community to solve this murder. >> reporter: in prince george's county, kristin fisher, 9news now. "u.s.a. today" unveiled its new design for the paper, web and mobile apps. they showcased the new design this morning, the day before their 30th anniversary. the new look of "u.s.a. today" is designed to take visual story telling to the next level using more color, pictures and info graphics. >> for 30 years we got the feeling, we're talking to our customers, to our readers, to our viewers online, that they loved the product, they were familiar with it but it was a little bit dutiony. they -- little bit dusty. they needed something new. it is a new age after all. >> but you can still get the things you lover about "u.s.a. today" including the -- love about "u.s.a.
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today," including the weather map and the money section. the digital version will be on dispray this weekend. u.s.a. -- display this weekend. "u.s.a. today" is owned by our parent company gannett. find out how you can help victims of domestic violence and get exercise at the same time. we're going to explain when we come back.
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. it has been six months since george zimmerman shot and killed a 17-year-old boy in
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florida. today on the dr. phil show, trayvon martin's parents share their pain and frustration over losing their son. >> do you blame yourself for this? >> i don't blame myself because i know i did all that i could do. there's a part of me that's angry with myself for not being there at the precise moment, not being able to stand in front of the gun and take the bullet for him. i would give anything -- i would give anything to have him here, even if would mean my own life. he didn't deserve to die. >> the dr. phil show airs weekdays right here on channel 9 beginning at 4:00 p.m. then it is followed by 9news now at 5:00. we'll be right back.
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today i am one on one with karen dennis. domestic violence is pervasive. it is life-threatening. it affects millions of women. and so many women are so afraid that they don't speak out. they're just reluctant to talk about it. but i want to talk about a walk that's being held tomorrow. it's a 5k walk. it's being held in woodbridge,
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virginia. and the title is "no woman, no cry." karen dennis is here to talk about it. the walk really is to memorialize a very special woman, 38-year-old jenny baits. tell me about -- bates. tell me about her. >> jenny was murdered by her estranged husband in september 2010. she had endured several years of domestic violence and separated and was trying to move on with her life but sadly she was murdered and left behind two children. >> she was a friend of yours. >> she was a close family friend. >> did you know about this violence? >> you know, many of her friends knew kind of towards the end. she had done some things. she had had a restraining order. sadly once we thought things were moving on in a different direction, it took a turn for the worst. >> this is one story but there's hundreds of other stories just like your friend jenny bates.
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so the walk is to draw attention to domestic violence and raise funds. >> absolutely. we partnered with national network to end domestic violence. nnedv. the money raised goes toward the organization and the trust fund. >> what time does it start? >> it's at freedom high school tomorrow in woodbridge. we will begin on site registrations at 8:00 a.m. and the walk will begin around 8:30. it's a walk-run. it will begin around 8:30. >> even if you have not registered, come out. >> even if you have not registered, come out. you can rental 12er for $-- register for $30 on site. for $35 on site if you would like to get one of the t- shirts. >> if you know someone who is going through this trauma, please help them. get them help. but tell somebody. don't be a silent victim. speak out of the speak out. speak out.
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thank you for remembering your friend jenni bates. >> thank you. let's get to howard and get the forecast. howard, a great weekend forecast. >> it is going to be great for any events that are going on. go outside, enjoy it. take it in. we're in the time of year, it's such a nice time of year before things start to get cool near another month. the grass pollen, weed pollen, they're moderate. tree pollen absent and the mold spores low. we need a little rain to clear things out of the air. that is not going to happen till early next week. a mix of clouds and sunshine. 79 at 1:00. we're going into the low 80s. average high is 80. i think we'll make it to 83 this afternoon with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 81. still with a south wind 5, 10 miles an hour. then this evening, if you have plans, no worries whatsoever. we have temperatures in the 70s. i know there are folks going to the springsteen concert tonight at nats park. it's going to be beautiful for that with temperatures in the 70s, maybe falling into the
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upper 60s. but that place is going to be rocking tonight. look at this. we have these high clouds. no problems with that but out to the west, you can barely see this coming behind the banner here into ohio approaching toronto. it will be into western new york and pennsylvania later this afternoon. showers ahead of a cold front. now, with the winds out of the south, look at these temperatures. 80 in fredricksburg already. 77 in annapolis. low to mid-70s in many areas, even bill in newland was telling me 81 there. we have a nice northeast wind coming in, reedville a beautiful day on the bay. easton 77 degrees. outside on our michael & son weather camera, you can see the high clouds giving us some filtered sunshine and just a few of the puffy clouds at lower elevations but really a fine september day. now, interestingly enough, this is considered overcast over at national airport. but we have a lot of sunshine filtering through the clouds. southwest wind at 5. humidity is creeping up. dew points now in the 60s and the relative humidity at 60%. we're looking pretty good.
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here are our weather headlines. warm this afternoon. 80 to 85 for the highs. a cold front is coming tonight. you saw a moment ago. with the front, though, there's not a lot of moisture to work with. other than a stray shower maybe near the pennsylvania border, this front will pass unventfully and we'll have a great weekend -- unevent fully and we'll have a great weekend behind the front. 80 in nashville with 50s and 60s immediately behind the front with some showers there. this front really is well defined across the midwest. the cool air behind it. the warm air ahead of it. detroit has had some rain. it's pulling out moving toward toronto and buffalo. behind the front is what we'll be dealing with all weekend. drier air moves in. your temperatures mostly in the 70s. looking at the forecast then, this afternoon 83. very nice out there. south winds a little bit humid. tonight we fall into the low 60s d.c. mid-50s north and west. a little breezy saturday, 78. no problems.
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sunday 78 also. could see a few more clouds sunday in the afternoon ahead of our next weather maker which will bring some rain and showers here by monday afternoon, 76. more rain and showers monday night into tuesday, 78. wednesday a nice cool day, 72. we are going to the kitchen. spike's in the house. 9news now at noon returns in just a moment.
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today i am one on one with top chef alum and d.c.
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restaurant spike mendelson. he was on top chef about four years ago. i was asking him about it. it was hard, wasn't it? >> very difficult. very, very stressful cooking competition. >> but you did all right. >> i did pretty g. i'm still here. still cooking. >> we're talking about kraut rocks today. what does that mean? >> the kraut rocks campaign. to get your caught awareness on -- crawt awareness on -- kraut awareness on. people don't think of it as a food to eat or keep in the house. sauerkraut is kind of fehrmented, scarce. -- fermented, scarce. today's purpose is to take the fear out of fermenting. it's really delicious and creative and super healthy. it's a super food for you. >> let me talk about your restaurant here on capitol hill. we the pizza and good stuff eatery. so you're making a pizza using cheese of course. >> cheese. >> what is that?
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>> a little sauce, like a white sauce, alfredo sauce. this is like a famous sauerkraut dish, a french sawyer caught dish with potatoes, sauerkraut and sausage. that's what the whole nature of the campaign is. we've reached out to about five local chefs in the d.c. area. we have this kraut rocks campaign. all the chefs have come up with these creative recipes that they're featuring the whole month of september at the restaurant. what we're doing is encouraging people to go to these restaurants and eat these new kraut creations and cast a vote. you can find out all this information on >> i'm going to put it on my website so just go to you'll get all the information on kraut rocks, which restaurants you can go to. you can use sauerkraut for more than just a hot dog. i always put it on my hot dog. this sausage, oh, my goodness. >> you like this sausage? >> i've been eating it.
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>> it's thinking out of the box, being creative. how is that to you? >> delicious. i love pizza. you didn't take that and swing it around in the air. >> i swing lots of things around. we'll keep it kosher here today. we're putting a little carraway seeds. it complements the sauerkraut and sausage in the dish. the idea is to make something really, really approachable. uh-oh. >> you put mustard on it. >> a little mustard. you want to taste this? >> if you want to get this, we the pizza on capitol hill or good stuff eatery. what's the address of we the pizza? >> 303 pennsylvania avenue southeast. >> you're making this there? >> making that there. please don't forget to visit the website >> you stop that. i'm going to have him linked on my website. this looks good. howard is eating it. how does it taste, howard? >> it is very g. i like
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tradition -- it is very good. i like traditional pizzas but this is very good. i'm going to scarf this down. >> it has potatoes on it, cheese, sauerkraut. >> delicious. i love it. >> thank you. >> nice shoes by the way. >> thank you. come back and visit us at 5:00. bye.
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